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Secure women would immediately recognise this buttering up as a con game, which is why he screens them out. Now he is ready to give his poverty speech, which makes the woman dive for her chequebook.Ask says though men are usually the ones who throw money at problem relationships, insecure women are an interesting exception to this rule. After that I called it a day."I am an independent woman, but I still want to be taken care of.But his real power comes from the way he profiles and targets only the kind of women who make his job easy: women with low self-esteem.

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Kede is very passionate about her country and she hopes that through her work she will continue to make a difference in her people's lives and she will be able to keep giving back to the community that has supported and keeps supporting her.She stayed with the station until 2012, when she replaced Minenhle Dlamini as a co-host of Mzansi Insider, when the show changed format from a magazine show to a talk show.