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24-Jul-2017 18:47

Let’s forget that child sexual abuse is only a reported social issue on our newspapers – it may happen to any children, anywhere, anytime!

Most parents warn their children to beware of strangers, for instance, “don’t talk to strangers” – this may not be entirely right.

Do not assume that sex education comes by too early for your children – no child sexual abusers will select their targets by sparing those who are too young.

Before your children starts to know what’s going to happen, you can start educating them on which body parts of theirs are restricted to touch by anyone else (including family members or anyone you and your child knows! If you find your children are feeling emotional, or distant from a particularly adult at certain occasions or gatherings, do find out the reasons why.

Certainly, these steps are not only for parents; school or childcare teachers, nannies, or any adults close to children should take note as well, so we could prevent child sexual abuse altogether. S., 1 in 10 children had experienced sexual abuse before their 18th birthday.

The sexually abuse experience in childhood may deeply affect a child’s psychological, emotional, social and physical state, which continuously occur until adulthood.

Most child sexual abuse cases occur when the sexual abuser is someone close to the children.

To prevent child sexual abuse is a responsibility for every adult.

As I’m not too familiar in this topic, I have invited Romeo over to share with you about child sexual abuse (after Lemon was born, this caring uncle has been reading many books on parenting to understand his darling niece better! Romeo hopes Lisa and all of you would pay attention to these 5 Steps to Protecting Our Children™, a prevention training program by an American organisation, “Darkness to Light”.Body & Mind Parenting Our children are the future assets for parents and the nation.As the traditional saying goes, children are like a clean piece of cloth waiting for us to colour their world!As Romeo mentioned these statistics, he is not trying to create fear among us.

This is to point out the fact that child sexual abuse is not far away from us.To avoid this to happen to your children, you should let them be aware of the private parts on our physical body, that can’t be simply touched by anyone else.