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(function(){var file List=[];file List.push("// V675PTb HTp/hi-pri-render.js? _\x3dbcc04");file List.push("// V675PTb HTp/js/99ffd5ef8d.js? _\x3db3e9d");file List.push("// V675PTb HTp/render.js? _\x3dbcc04");file List.push("// V675PTb HTp/instance.js? The year has just begun and Lifetime Movie Network is kicking 2017 off with awesome movies.In the course of the conversation, the idea of a computerized datefinding service evolved. Lauren Brumfield and Eun Jung Kim have been doing a fine job blogging their research thus far, and I am really enjoying their findings.The idea excited Tarr, and with the help of Morrill, he went out to see what might be done about it. Lauren even kicked off her research with a shout out to Meg Ryan in the 1998 film Which got me thinking during class last night, is there a top ten list of films with an online dating theme? So, here they are copied directly from this post on Yahoo! In 2007, Spear shaved off all her hair to cover up drug use problems.One day, Spears had long blonde hair and the next she was seen bald hitting a truck with an umbrella.The media and the rest the world were left stunned and still want answers to what really led to her outrage.It is not speculated yet but there might be answers in her movie.

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Using computer-generated data to connect people is not necessarily new, as this group pointed out, but the web brought it to a another level.

While still mentally trying to stay away from her past lover, she becomes friends with a stalker, who manages to reside in her house.

Throughout the movie, the woman will continue to put up a good fight to get her unwanted guest out of her house. Another LMN movie features a movie about a woman named Angela who wakes up from a coma many years after her mother’s death.

Despite their backgrounds, they have a 30-year friendship.

As adults, these two best friends now have children of their own and have different careers. In this film, LMN shows a friendship at unique angles and struggles.Be the first to see which movies they are airing this new year. Lifetime movies always have suspense, romance, and mystery.