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11-Jun-2017 10:26

A list of nearly 300 films, mainly narrative feature movies, but including some documentaries, has been compiled for this study.

This essay is based on viewing many of those films available on video/DVD or the Library of Congress website of early documentaries.

Socio-economic themes have been explored in films by depicting characters who live near, under, or even, in one case, on a bridge.

In several films bridges have served as cultural barriers which characters feel incapable of breaking through.

I have classified the films under the major headings that emerged as I watched the films and began to see both similarities and differences in the ways that bridges were employed in the stories. There are doubtlessly other ways of grouping the films.

Occasionally the use of bridges in a particular film was so varied that I have discussed different elements in the storyline under several headings.

On a grander scale bridges have been used in films to represent the expansion of empires or conflicts over territory during wartime.

But such a death is meant to be a destruction of the previous, less enlightened self.

In (US, 1997) Euliss “Sonny” Dewey, a hell-fire evangelist from Texas, walks across a rusty steel bridge over a Louisiana bayou and tosses his wallet into the water.

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