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06-Nov-2017 02:36

Initially, we reviewed appellate decisions and evaluation reports issued by EEOC's Office of Federal Operations that addressed non-sexual harassment to identify systemic reasons for the high number of non- sexual harassment claims.We also requested copies of anti-harassment policies and procedures from 51 federal sector agencies and sub-components.Information from two relevant appellate decisions is summarized below. 07A40014 (2004), the EEOC found that the agency had discriminated against the complainant on the bases of her race and sex.Complainant asserted that her first line supervisor treated her in a condescending manner by closely scrutinizing her work and assigning her work to others.

The deficiencies in the anti-harassment policies and procedures include failing to address non-sexual harassment, failing to establish an independent investigatory process, and failing to provide clear investigation procedures.EEOC has conducted program evaluations and issued appellate decisions regarding the agencies' anti- harassment programs.